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Connect with your loved ones and educate them at the same time with this creative puzzle greeting card. Based on German geophysicist Wegener's theory on Continental Drift - that the earth used to be 1 piece of land mass known as Pangaea, that gradually drifted into the continental masses that they are today.

Puzzle Greeting Card - $24
this is both a postcard and a jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces back together to write and read the message, and see how the pieces come apart to form the modern map, with a handy paper map.

.: 1 colour available: All Brown
.: Comes in pack 22cmW x 27cmH
.: 10 pieces of puzzle, 25.5cmW x 22cmH when put together
.: Comes with plain cream envelope 18.5cmW x 12cmH with small Geografia blind debossed on envelope flap
.: Comes with additional paper map sheet 22.7cmW x 34cmH when opened

Puzzle Board - $48
You can piece together history for yourself with this beautiful puzzle board, with 1 side of the board showing Pangaea, and the other side of the board displaying the modern world map.

.: Choose from 2 colours: All Brown or Colourful
.: Puzzle board is 45cmW x 33cmH
.: 9 pieces of puzzle, 25.5cmW x 22cmH when put together


Notebook - $29

Imagine the earth from the air - these hilly rice terraces in handy notebook form will surely make you push aside your mountain of paperwork and get you planning that next trip! These handy notebooks - with 7 convenient tabs make it easy for you to group information and make idea travel journals!

Available in 2 different colours and designs

- Brown (Curvy)
- Grey (Hexagons)

Find out more about the Geografia Rice Terrace Ring Notehere

.: Sheets are 21cmW, and range in size from 13cmL-21cmL
.: 119 sheets, White ring bound along 21cm edge
.: Brown - 8mm 'lined' with green '-', curved edges
.: Grey - 5mm 'dotted' with mini green '+', rounded edges


Notepad - $12

If you've ever admired the accidental art that topography maps provide, you'll love the Geografia memo pads. Inspired by the various contour lines, this memo pad is a mini topography map come to life on your desktop. Have one on its own or join up the 4 different designs to make your own mini mountain range! Your unique stationery will be the envy of any office, and it's almost too pretty write on...For paper and printing fans, this pad is created with a special inline die-cut printing and embossing process, where the die-cutting, printing and embossing are carried out all at once... wow!

  • 200 sheets in 4 sizes. The memo pad is 11.5cmL x 7.5cmW x 1.5cmH
  • Comes in 4 topographical designs (A, B, C, D) that match up when lined up together
  • Each layer is labelled with a number - 50, 100, 150 and 200, which also denotes the number of sheets
  • Individual sheets are blank and held together by a large staple

More about Geografia
Designed and produced in Japan, Geografia uses topography, geography and maps as themes to create exquisite and unusual stationery and display products that allow you to truly appreciate the earth’s configurations. Geografia products make perfect gifts for the person looking for something unusual yet chic, or anyone who just appreciates beautiful paper products.