• Image of Plastique* Pyramid and Bridge Rings


This unusual ring puts the iconic San Francisco and London bridges atop your knuckles and all it takes is a glance at your hands while you're typing at your desk or having a meal to let you start dreaming of visiting the real deal.

Available in 2 designs:
- Golden Gate Bridge (Red only)
- Tower Bridge (Black only)

.: The ring is meant for 3 fingers - 1 in the small hole and 2 in the large hole. You can wear it across any of the fingers except the thumb
.: Comes in 3 sizes:
- Small (Small Hole - Size 5, Large Hole - Sizes 6-7)
- Medium (Small Hole - Size 7, Large Hole - Sizes 8-9)
- Large (Small Hole - Size 9, Large Hole - Sizes 10-11)
* From my own personal experience, get the size to fit the finger that will go into the small hole. It's ok if the big hole is a bit loose as I find it more comfortable for those fingers to have a little wiggle room
.: 3mm Black Acrylic Plastic - Fragile! Handle with care!
.: Tower Bridge protrudes 1.7cm above fingers while Golden Gate Bridge protrudes 2.2cm


This mini version of the Egyptian Pyramids will get you daydreaming of romantic desert tours and sandy vistas. Possibly camels too.

Designed as a unique 2-finger ring, this rendition of the pyramids is simple and modern and will go with practically anything you wear!

.: Ring can be worn over any 2 fingers except for the thumb
.: Comes in 3 sizes:
- Small (Size 5 and 6)
- Medium (Size 7 and 8)
- Large (Size 9 and 10)
.: 3mm Black Acrylic Plastic - Fragile! Handle with care!
.: Pyramids protrude 1.7cm above finger and are 5cm across
.: Etched detail of pyramids on one side of the ring

More about Plastique*

Plastique* is created by Jen Murse, an American designer with a beautiful range of laser cut acrylic jewelry. The Seasoned Traveler range is inspired by her passion for world famous skylines, these accessories are both modern and minimalist, and definitely make you stand out in a crowd!