• Image of Dynomight - Mighty Wallet & Luggage Tag


For those who like more conventional wallets, the Mighty Wallet is a great option. The Tyvek® material makes the Mighty Wallet pretty much able to handle anything you throw its way, whether you need to stuff it to its brim or it starts to rain, the tear-resistant and water-resistant material is slim, lightweight and very strong.

The Mighty Wallet also has an ‘origami construction’ which is stitch-less, with 2 bill pockets and 4 other pockets to put cards in. I received one as a gift some time back, and it has proved pretty tough. I love that the 2 bill pockets keeps my local and foreign currency separate, while the various pockets makes it easy to segregate my various credit and transport cards.

11/005A - Inflight
This design takes inspiration from the inflight safety manuals found in airplanes. From the outside to the pockets, this cute wallet is covered all over with the safety graphics and is my favourite of the lot of Mighty Wallets.
11/005C - Explorer
Incite the wanderlust in yourself - enjoy the beautiful map of the Alaskan region on this Mighty Wallet and inspire yourself to explore the unknown.


If you’ve ever been at the baggage carousel, you know that 90% of the bags there are black or dark blue. Even though I know how my luggage looks like, half the time I’m boggled because all the bags look the SAME.

So you try to differentiate your bag - by tying a ribbon or an airline paper tag on your bag, but baggage handlers aren’t the most gentle and often those tags go missing and then you’re back at square one scanning the carousel in confusion.

Mighty Tags made out of Tyvek® are tough, and whether you use them once or forever, they’re definitely not going to fall off your bag. You can also write on them in permanent marker to further personalize your tags.

  • GRAFFITI: Street style with a graffiti defaced wall
  • HELLO MY NAME IS: You can't lose your bag with this well labeled piece!
  • TALK: Fun speech bubbles you can fill in yourself
  • VACATION: Do not disturb the vacationer! You could even hang this on your door...
  • FRAGILE: No one will dare to drop a bag tagged with this bright red tag!

.: 22cm long and 6.3cm wide when folded, 32.5cm long when fully extended
.: Made of Tyvek® material, with a hole for slotting on one end
.: Printed on both sides, sometimes with a different design

While normally they’re available in packs of 10, this time you have the chance to mix and match, so you can get different designs for different tastes! Please email me at theoccasionaltraveller@gmail.com or indicate in the paypal checkout 'Instructions to Merchant" the designs and quantities that you wish to purchase when you make your order.